About Landers IT Solutions

With over 20 years of experience running IT, Landers IT Solutions can help your business leverage technology to work for you. In today's world it is easier than ever to have the same resources that large corporations have at a fraction of the cost. Don't be intimidated by technology, let it work for you.


What does Landers IT Solutions offer?

Website Design

Landers IT Solutions has designed numerous websites from a basic informational site to a full E-commerce store. Every business should have a solid web presence today and we can help with that. No matter what you are looking to accomplish with your site Landers IT Solutions can help you get there. If you have shopped around you realize this can be a costly project to undertake. Landers IT Solutions looks to make it easy and more affordable than ever. We don't quote you some inflated price for the project, we bill you on a time & material basis. To get some prospective, a simple informational site can be setup in as little as 10 hours. Why spend thousands when you can spend hundreds? Here is an example of a site we created: Insurance by Paula.

Are you looking to start an online storefront? Landers IT Solutions can do the dirty work for you for much less than you may think. There are many technical aspect to starting an E-Commerce store, but also there are lots of tasks that anyone can do. By sharing that workload with you and your team we can dramatically reduce the cost to build that E-Commerce site. We will do all the setup and train you how to handle some of the easier tasks to cut your cost. We leverage E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify or Big Commerce to make it easy and affordable. Here is a great example of a E-Commerce website that Landers IT Solutions designed: Dirty Water Boston

Cloud Services

In today’s world the cloud is more important than ever. To have costly network infrastructure is simply not necessary for most businesses. Cloud Services are so affordable and readily available. Up-time is typically about 99.9% and most of the services use government grade security, so why wouldn’t you make the switch? Let’s answer some questions about the cloud.

Most people get intimidated because they simply do not understand the cloud and that is scary. Well, the cloud is no different than the networks business has used for decades. What has changed is the lightning fast internet connections that are available virtually everywhere today. That is what gave birth to the “Cloud”. Now with these speeds, you can have infrastructure that is maintained and hosted anywhere in the world and still get the same speeds as an in house network. So there is no longer any need to have costly servers hosting your important data and software systems on premise. For a fraction of that cost you can essentially lease space on a server, depending on what you need you can either purchase dedicated servers or a shared server.

Computer Repair

Do you or someone you know have a fairly new computer that just does not work? It is slow to respond and leaves you frustrated. Well you are not alone, join the millions of Americans in the same boat!

So what do you do?

Most people assume it is time for a new computer, but not true! For a fraction of the cost we can make that computer run like it did right out of the box!