Cloud Services NH

What is the Cloud?

In today’s world the cloud is more important than ever. To have costly network infrastructure is simply not necessary for most businesses. Cloud Services are so affordable and readily available. Up-time is typically about 99.9% and most of the services use government grade security, so why wouldn’t you make the switch? Let’s answer some questions about the cloud.

Most people get intimidated because they simply do not understand the cloud and that is scary. Well, the cloud is no different than the networks business has used for decades. What has changed is the lightning fast internet connections that are available virtually everywhere today. That is what gave birth to the “Cloud”. Now with these speeds, you can have infrastructure that is maintained and hosted anywhere in the world and still get the same speeds as an in house network. So there is no longer any need to have costly servers hosting your important data and software systems on premise. For a fraction of that cost you can essentially lease space on a server, depending on what you need you can either purchase dedicated servers or a shared server.

Software in the Cloud

Gone are the days of purchasing the latest and greatest build of your favorite productivity software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite of Software, even accounting/ERP systems. You used to have to plan big upgrades to software systems. Depending on the scale and scope this could be a very costly and time consuming project. With the introduction of cloud services to virtually every major software platform you can now pay a subscription and always have the latest build of your software. One may think this is costly, but in the long run the cost of upgrades outweigh the cost of a subscription based model.

Here is a link to Google’s security as an example.

Email Services in the Cloud

Most people are skeptical of email services such as Google’s Gmail. They think well its OK for my personal use, but I can’t have my business running on this. That is simply wrong! It would be easier for you to be hacked on a typical on premise hosted email server. Services such as Gmail or MS Outlook online have better security than your average on premise system. Just like most people I was unsure when I made my first switch to G Suite while working in corporate america.  After running it for years I would never recommend anything else. There are other services that compare, but as a productivity tool it is hard to beat.