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Welcome to Landers IT Solutions your trusted IT Services provider. Let us be your one stop shop for all your business IT Solutions and eliminate wasted time while increasing the productivity of you and your team. With over 20 years experience managing IT, we can help your small business thrive rather than dive. We are here to help anytime, thus enabling you to focus on what matters most, your business!

Website Design and Hosting – IT Services

Let us be the one to manage your website and optimize the SEO in order to get you real results.

Network Solutions – IT Services

Security is important when it comes to your business. Let us make sure you are protected and not susceptible to hacking and unwanted intrusion.

Software Implementations – IT Services

With years of project management and implementation experience we can analyze and deliver the software that is right to help your small business succeed.

LAN to Cloud Integrations

Are you tired of maintaining complex and costly LAN networks? We can help to transition your business to work entirely on the cloud and have accessibility to your systems and information anywhere in the world.


Why chose Landers IT Solutions?

We are a small business just like you. Mr. Landers has over 20 years experience managing IT services for multi-million dollar corporations, yet he has worked with small business to help them grow to that size. In his own words, this is how we can help.

“Sure there are larger IT shops out there, but I believe that a more personal touch will get lost as you work with them. My goal is to get you to leverage technology to help your business grow and thrive while making sure that you feel like you have an in-house IT department. IT needs to serve you and not bog you down trying to figure out technical solutions that take you away from what’s most important; growing and running your business. That’s why I ventured out on my own, because I want your business to experience the benefits of having capable IT service & support without the high cost of IT personnel in house.” – Shawn Landers, President at Landers IT Solutions

Please feel free to reach out and find out how we can help you achieve results!

What are our customers saying?

“I got the opportunity to work with Shawn Landers to help me design and get a new website off the ground.  Shawn took my information and we visited for about 30 minutes and 2 days later I had the site ready to be reviewed.  We needed to tweak a couple of things and about 15 minutes later my new site is up and working perfect.  I loved the work he did and he was extremely flexible to work with!  I would highly suggest him to anyone who is looking for a professional website.”

Paula Rodriguez, CEO at Rodriguez Insurace ( )


Q:How long have you been in the IT Business?

A: I have been in IT for 25 years, managing at IT department in corporate america.

Q: What are your skills in IT?

A: Having grown with my company I was able to be involved in everything IT related to help a small company grow and eventually be acquired. Anything from software/ database programming to network infrastructure. I have built numerous e-commerce websites doing everything from designing logos to setting up back-end storefronts.

Q: What do you offer that sets you apart from other IT providers?

A: I like to think it is the personal touch. I really want to focus on you and helping you succeed. I will be invested in that success and not stop until we have solved your problems with simple and easy to use solutions. I feel problem solving is my strength and with my expertise in IT there is no challenge I can not handle.